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Saira Rodriguez

Chief Assistant Marketing Officer

Saira Rodriguez is a sophomore at the Trinity School NYC. 

School: Trinity School '23 

Favorite Brand: CHNGE

Interests: Saira is a competitive dancer of 12 years. Saira is also the Co-Founder of Revolution Publication, a magazine dedicated to expanding youth awareness and activism. She is very passionate about systemic change and justice, as well as ethical consumption. 

Why Saira joined the YMC: “I joined the YMC with the hope of spreading knowledge and information to the youth that is necessary to make the most beneficial choices as current and future consumers. I see marketing and the economy as a system of growth and learning. This organization is so important for students, currently participating in the economy, and for future youths with the hope of following an entrepreneurial path, because of our emphasis on consuming information concerning the ethical and strategic methods of marketing of different brands.”

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