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Thomas Heath (He/Him)


Thomas Heath is a junior at Trinity School and an avid baseball player. He has great interest in mathematics and economics. He loves to fish, sail, and swim in the summer, and also enjoys baking. Thomas is a member of Trinity's Model UN team and is looking forward to seeing the Youth Marketing Club grow and develop over the next two years.  


Favorite Brand: Faherty

Why Thomas joined the YMC:  "As I joined Trinity in an online setting, I saw the YMC as a great opportunity to learn about a field in which I am interested while also meeting new friends and interacting with different speakers from around the country. I saw the club as a place to learn and grow as a Trinity student, and I am so happy to continue to see the YMC grow as new students become interested and more guest speakers tell us their stories. This is only the beginning and there is much to do, so I am excited to be on the YMC team for the next two years!"

Fun Fact: Thomas is double-jointed


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