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About Us 

The Youth Marketing Club is a student-run organization of high schoolers passionate about exploring the influence of marketing and brands on our lives as students, consumers, citizens, future employees, and leaders. We help high school students understand marketing and brands understand Gen-Z.

Our platform delivers access, awareness, and action to both students and brands. 



Provide members access to marketing leaders and top marketing resources in order to learn about the disciple of marketing. 


Provide a platform for students to share and debate views and insights about the brands that are shaping our lives today.


Provide members information to help inform their brand choices and brands access to high-schoolers for real perspectives.


We open room for conversation and networking to high school students and the marketing leaders who want to hear from them. We host conversations with marketing professionals across a variety of areas from advertising, public relations, social media, and brand management. Our speakers include leaders and executives from brands and agencies as well as leaders building brands inside companies. The club provides resources for learning about marketing including links to publications, how-to seminars, and more.

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